Army Museums

What we do

The Trust supports regimental and corps Museums by the provision of advocacy, advice and funding in the following ways:

  • With the agreement of their trustees, we represent the individual and collective views of regimental and corps museums to enhance their profile in dealings with the Ministry of Defence, other Government Departments and their agencies.
  • Through close liaison with the Ministry of Defence, the National Army Museum, the Charity Commissioners and other professional agencies, we track developments in policy and practice and pass that information to regimental and corps museums through regular conferences, newsletters, strategy papers and visits.
  • We provide free legal and specialist advice and assistance with the constitution, structure and registration of existing and projected museums, including the creation of new trusts to embrace the collections of several pre-existing museums.
  • We arrange suitable training for the staff and governing bodies of regimental and corps museums.
  • We provide grants-in-aid to support a wide range of projects and activities undertaken by regimental and corps museums.
  • In conjunction with other agencies we secure for the trustees of regimental and corps museums the best available advice on such professional matters as the protection, conservation, preservation and presentation of their collections and the operation and further development of their museums.
  • We provide this website, approved by the Ministry of Defence, as the definitive internet guide to regimental and corps museums, and the publication of a written guide to make that information more widely available to the general public.
  • We participate in the development of Ministry of Defence policy towards museums to ensure that the interests and concerns of museum trustees are properly represented, thereby ensuring the best possible future for regimental and corps museums.