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Succession of Titles

The titles of the regiments of the British Army have changed considerable and frequently over the years. Regional affiliations, connections with Royalty, amalgamations and disbandment have had all left their mark and tracing the historic names of famous regiments can be a frustrating and time consuming task. This section of the website aims to reduce these problems by providing a simple table which shows the progression in title of the 31 Cavalry and 115 Infantry Regiments of 1881 through a series of changes to the 10 Cavalry Regiments and 29 battalions of Infantry that have resulted from the most recent changes in 2006/2007. In time, this table will be extended to include the historic titles of the supporting Arms and Services of the British Army.

Titles that existed earlier than 1881 can be found in the Museums Search section under Historic Names and they are also listed with the entries for individual museums.

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