Army Museums

Officers prior to 1914

Army Lists. Army Lists, which cover the period 1702 to the present day, are the starting point for tracing the service of officers. The National Archives (TNA) has a number of lists 'on record' (WO 64-66 and WO 211) and printed copies are available in the Reference Room at the TNA. The National Army Museum has a fairly comprehensive run of Army Lists and regimental and corps Museums usually have a reasonable coverage in their libraries. Also useful in tracing officers who gained commissions before 1727 are Charles Dalton's books; "English Army Lists and Commission Registers 1661-1714", Eyre and Spottiswode, 6 volumes, 1892-1904, and "George I's Army 1714-1727", Eyre and Spottiswode, 2 volumes, 1910.

Returns of Service. Returns of officers' service were first compiled by the War Office in the early 19th century, apparently on information supplied by officers themselves. These records are available at the TNA (WO 25,54 and 76) and are further categorized by date, Arm or Service and status i.e. full/half pay, retired.

Commander-in-Chief's Memoranda Papers. These papers were concerned with the appointment, promotion and resignation of officers. They may be seen at the TNA (WO 31).

Widows' Pensions and Pensions to Wounded Officers. Some provision was made for the widows and dependents 1 of officers killed on active service. The available records may be viewed at the TNA and are split between War Office records (WO 23-25) and those of the Paymaster General (PMG 9-11).

Military Academy Records. Registers of cadets who trained at the Royal Military Academy (1790-1939), Woolwich (WO 149) and the Royal Military Academy (1806-1946), Sandhurst (WO 151), are available at the TNA.