Army Museums

Charitable Objectives

The underlying objectives of the Trust remain those set by its founder, adapted and developed to encourage a contemporary presentation of military heritage geared to the education of young people by reference to the national curriculum and reflecting the changing needs of regimental and corps museums. The Trust’s Charitable Objectives may be summarised as:

A. Educating the public and members of the Army by the promotion and fostering of regimental and military traditions and of the history and deeds of the British Army in the following ways-

  • by assisting in and encouraging the maintenance and improvement of existing regimental, corps and other Army Museums;
  • by assisting in and encouraging the establishment and maintenance of new regimental, corps and other Army Museums;
  • by acquiring, preserving, assisting in and ensuring the care of equipment, books, prints, drawings, uniforms, weapons and any other items or artefacts connected with the history of particular regiments or corps or of the Army generally.

B. Promoting and fostering regimental and corps and other military traditions, learning, education and research into matters relating to British Military Forces in respect of regular, fencible, militia, local militia yeomanry, volunteer territorial and auxiliary forces or otherwise which still exist or which at any time have existed or which exist in the future by educating members of the Army who are still serving or are in the reserve so as to further their professional knowledge and attainments in matters relating to other military forces of any sovereign or dependent state.

The Trust achieves these objectives by undertaking the activities described in the section entitled “What we do”.